I am a 3rd Wave Feminist Activist, mother, and artist.  I have many passions, from my sisters(all the women around the world), disabled Corporate victims, unfair and exclusive immigration rights, supporting Gay and Lesbian Marriage(silly me… I thought church and state were supposed to be separate), and more.  I am a proud never married single mother of CHOICE and I am proud of my beautiful talented son.

I am a native Mid-Westerner living in the South and having a hard time with that…  I try not to knock on people and in this case I won’t, what you learn, and what is enforced on a daily basis becomes a belief system.  That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

I am on an invisible animal Hotline, because they keep showing up and I keep taking them in.

Lastly(for my mini bio), I strive to live in love.  I acknowledge bigotry, ignorance, hate, and selfishness in others… and at times find it in my own mind.  But, I try to put out good energy into the world, live without resentment, and live in love.  I truly believe if we put it out there and fake it ’til we make it… we just might.


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